Resource Centre

​The Emmaus College Resource Centre is central in providing a stimulating learning environment that supports both primary and secondary school priorities and aims to produce an information rich and literature enriched school community of independent lifelong learners.​

Resource Centre Staff will endeavour to:

  • Implement, enrich and support the learning and teaching program of the school by collaborating with teachers to plan, produce and teach curriculum units which encourage students to develop their independent learning skills
  • Nurture, inspire and stimulate the vital importance of reading for pleasure and information
  • Manage an extensive and relevant collection of curriculum resources to support the learning, co-curricula and recreational needs of the school community
  • Provide a welcoming, flexible learning environment for the school community in which students can learn individually, in small groups and as a whole class.
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The Emmaus College Resource Centre aims to ensure that students graduate as competent, critical, and ethical users of information. We work towards preparing lifelong learners; "information literate" citizens who are able to determine their information needs, recognise relevant information, solve problems and effectively communicate the results of their research.

© Brisbane Catholic Education, Emmaus College, 2023