The central theme of Pastoral Care at our college, as depicted in the Emmaus story and represented in our logo, is journey. Aspects of our Christian story – faith, hope, love, forgiveness, justice, compassion and freedom – are represented by our motto, Walking with Christ. We consider it a privilege to journey with students and parents as partners in education.   

Pastoral care and student wellbeing is the concern of all staff and covers all aspects of school life. We establish high expectations for each student to maximise learning, achievement and enable them to reach their potential.

On their journey, Emmaus College students:   

  • Develop a sense of personal identity that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing
  • Demonstrate a sense of optimism about their lives and the future
  • Are enterprising, show initiative and use their creative ability
  • Articulate personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect
  • Accept responsibility for their actions
  • Relate well to others and form and maintain healthy relationships
  • Embrace opportunities
  • Make rational and informed decisions about their own lives

We seek to create the optimum conditions for each learner to nurture their gifts and abilities through providing comprehensive pastoral care programs, protection of students, positive behaviour support and the opportunity for all students to have a voice.