Need Help

All Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful learning and teaching communities that promote student wellbeing.

At Emmaus College we believe that ‘respect’ provides a foundation that encourages people to be kind and to be the best version of themselves.   Respectful behaviours happen at our school because they are the right thing to do in a community that values people. 

In all schools, from time to time, students may need help and assistance; problems may occur in class, on the bus, in friendship groups, in the playground, at community activities, on social networking sites and the like.

Don’t hesitate to contact the college with any concerns. Problems are resolved quite quickly once they are brought to our attention.

Contact the college to raise an issue or concern with the appropriate member of staff (see below).

Issues of a serious or sensitive nature should be raised with a member of the Senior Leadership Team – Assistant Principal/Head/Principal.

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Staff at Emmaus use the following guidelines to support students: