Student Voice

​Learning is enhanced when students feel connected to their school, have positive and respectful relationships with their peers and teachers, feel confident about their social and emotional skills and satisfied with their experiences at school.

Our focus is on the ‘whole-child’ and maximising their potential through focussed learning experiences in all domains of development; cognitive, social, psychological, spiritual, physical and emotional. 

We offer an approach to learning that respects individual differences and provides opportunities to ensure that all students have a voice in their learning.
Students develop a sense of trust in each other, the college and the wider community through participating in activities, committees, assemblies and liturgical celebrations that are designed, organised and led by students.
Students feel a sense of ownership of this community and are very proud to be known as members of Emmaus College.


As student leaders of Emmaus College, we will strive to continue building the tradition that is Emmaus, recognising that the most important thing we can do is to listen to every voice and to serve with a spirit of hope, hospitality and care.
Excerpt from College Captains’ address at Opening Liturgy