Pastoral Programs

​Learning, Pastoral Care and Wellbeing are inextricably linked and embedded in the life of Emmaus College through our focus on Calm, Connected Classrooms.

It is our aim to provide a learning environment that nurtures each student’s gifts and abilities and enables them to reach their potential and the college has a team of staff dedicated to the implementation of pastoral care and wellbeing for all members of the college community.

All pastoral care and wellbeing policies, structures and procedures adhere to the principles, policies, regulations and guidelines of Brisbane Catholic Education and reflect the values, faith and culture of our ecumenical partnership with the local Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting Churches.

We believe that students learn best in school environments in which they feel safe, both physically and emotionally. When students feel safe, they develop essential relationship skills to collaborate with peers and teachers and engage in learning tasks much more positively and productively.

To create our safe and supportive learning environment, we explicitly provide learning opportunities for students to develop social and emotional skills and values (e.g. listening, negotiation, sharing, compassionate and empathic responding, and ethical decision-making) in all subjects and across all year levels as described in the Australian Curriculum.

The teaching of skills and understandings to promote cyber safety, student protection and positive behaviours e.g. self-leadership, self-confidence, conflict resolution, and resiliency skills are a key focus of our retreat, camping and pastoral care curriculum programs.

Parents, staff and students feel connected to Emmaus College and positive, caring and respectful relationships are supported and maintained.