Vision Statement

'Excellence in learning within a contemporary Christian community.' 


We intend to achieve this Vision through:

Relationships that

  • are positive partnerships within and beyond the school community
  • empower and encourage involvement and contribution by individuals and groups in all school endeavours
  • embrace the gifts and diversity of each individual and group
  • develop and practise a ‘shared wisdom’ model of decision-making that respects the common good
  • promote harmony with our environment – stewardship of the earth

Organisation that

  • provides structures, policies and practices that are clear, transparent and accountable
  • adopts a ‘shared wisdom’ model of decision making
  • is governed in a manner consistent with Christian ethos and traditions

Learning that

  • is matched to student needs
  • is high quality and research based
  • provides children with a solid grounding in the Christian faith with special attention given to the study of ecumenism
  • commits all to excellence and innovation in curriculum design and delivery
  • is reported authentically and appropriately to stakeholders

A Culture that

  • is committed to living and spreading the Gospel in our own lives, the school and global community
  • practises personal and communal prayer, reconciliation and an openness to the Spirit’s gift of unity
  • exercises a genuine concern for the poor and marginalised
  • provides stewardship of the earth