Reporting Student Achievement

Formal written reporting takes place at the end of Semester 1 (P-12) and Semester 2 (P-11). Reports are provided to parents at these times. Information is available on request to allow you to compare your child’s achievement in the learning areas studied, with that of other children in the same year cohort within the school. This information will show the percentage of students at each of the achievement standards. Parent Teacher conferences are an integral method of communicating about student progress. Conferences take place at the beginning of term 1 (P-6), end of term 1 (7-12), and the beginning of term 3 (P-12).

Other interviews can be arranged to discuss your student’s development throughout the year. Parents are requested to make appointments directly with the class/ subject teacher. Teachers can be contacted by phoning the College.

At the end of each term in P-6 and at the end of each semester in 7-12, parents will be invited to a Celebration of Learning. In P-6 parents may view the student’s portfolio of work and the criteria used to make judgements about the student’s achievement. Student portfolios are sent home at the end of each year. In 7-12, student work samples are available for viewing at the Parent Teacher conferences.

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 also participate in the National Literacy and Numeracy tests (NAPLAN). Individual and school results are communicated to parents when they become available from Queensland Studies Authority.

All classes hold a parent information meeting early in term one to outline, in a general way, what the students will be learning throughout the year. This meeting also provides an opportunity to outline class and school procedures and answer any queries which parents may have. Further information is provided to parents throughout the year. Students in Middle and Senior Years receive an Assessment Calendar (also published on the College website) which outlines due dates for assignments and other assessment or requirements at the beginning of each term.