Excellence in Learning within a contemporary Christian community is our vision at Emmaus College. Through an age appropriate curriculum that is aligned with the ACARA – Australian Curriculum documents teachers plan and implement a teaching program that is focused on students’ learning.

Curriculum development is an on-going and teachers work in professional learning teams to consistently review and evaluate the effectiveness of learning and teaching. 

At Emmaus -

  • learning is focused on students
  • the application of higher order thinking is emphasised 
  • effective use of technology is implemented cross the curriculum
  • high expectations progress and maximise students learning
  • learners develop a culture of enthusiasm
  • learners are actively engaged to create knowledge and meaning

Curriculum at Emmaus allows students to be actively involved through learning that is inquiring, creating and reflecting, so that learners are persistent, interactive and hope-filled. Through a strong curriculum Emmaus College endeavours to develop empowered confident, creative, successful, active lifelong learners who enrich their lives, and the lives of their community, by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and capability for their journey in a globalized technological society in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Within the Ecumenical College, the ministry of teaching attends to the education of young people, assists in the formation of community, and gives expression to the values and wisdom inherent in the gospel message of Jesus and its continuing expression in the faith traditions of the participating churches.

Brisbane Catholic Education provides a Teaching and Learning Framework that provides direction to the curriculum that is offered at Emmaus College.  In accordance with this document:

We believe -

  • every learner is created in the image and likeness of God and inspired by the spirit, responds with passion and creativity to life
  • every learner seeks to find meaning in life and learning and in Christian Traditions we find meaning in the person and teachings of Jesus to grow as pilgrim people

  • every learner is in some respect like all others, like some others, like no other and we respond creatively, flexibly and with a futures orientation to ensure dignity and justice for all

  • every learner is a lifelong learner, with a desire to search for truth and do what is right: accountable for choices and responsible for actions

  • every learner can achieve success in life and learning where diversity is valued and shared wisdom contributes to discussion – making that enriches our world

  • every learner brings to the learning experience their own richly diverse life journey to communion, empowered by the spirit to be at the service of others

We teach -

  • a ministry and invokes a commitment to live out the mission of Jesus
  • relational with a shared responsibility to educate for the common good
  • visible, explicit and responsive, creating equity and excellence for all learners

We learn -

  • inextricably linked with living life to the full
  • personal, relational and communal
  • visible, active and interactive to create knowledge and meaning

In order to provide high quality learning and teaching to all students the College is organized into sub-schools.  This allows consideration to be given to:

  • creating a welcoming, safe, inspiring environment
  • identifying and accommodating spiritual, educational, physical, behavioural and social needs of students that align to the stages of students’ development 
  • the strengths and learning needs of all students