College Board

The functions of the Board are:

  • to support the Principal and staff
  • to develop school policies
  • to consult with staff, students, parents and the wider community in relation to policy development
  • to be responsible for planning the provision and maintenance of school buildings, budgeting and communication

This body has membership from the parent community as well as the staff and participating church communities. It has an overseeing role whereas the P&F is more of an active role. Membership of the Board may be invited or advertised, depending on the skills and abilities of personnel or the perspectives needed for the Board to function optimally.

Members of the College Board include:

  • Warwick Armstrong (Chair)
  • Neil O'Brien (Secretary)
  • Kevin Schwede (Principal)
  • Lisa McCormick (Curriculum/Admin Rep)
  • Anthony Barlow (Business Manager)
  • Carmel Betts (Teacher)
  • Selma Schuller (Parent)
  • Fr Dan Talbot (Anglican Pastor)
  • Fr John Conway (Catholic Priest)
  • Rev David Hawke (Uniting Pastor)
  • John & Coral Stollznow (Lutheran Representatives)