Student Protection

​Emmaus College is committed to ensuring the young people in our school are safe and protected from harm. Student protection is integral to learning and teaching.

Brisbane Catholic Education is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all students and the protection of students from harm and abuse.  This protection for students is based on our Christian belief in the dignity of all persons. We see children as entrusted to us by the love of God, and we are committed to the protection of their rights.

In order to do this, Emmaus College is committed to:

  • upholding the right of students to a safe and supportive environment based on the belief that this is critical to students fulfilling their personal potential and critical to their overall wellbeing;
  • co-operating and working in partnership with the relevant State authorities that are involved in child/student protection; and
  • ensuring that school pastoral care structures address and make appropriate provision for the support of students, families and staff

As a member of the Archdiocese of Brisbane Catholic Education, Emmaus College adheres to the principles, policies, regulations and guidelines of Brisbane Catholic Education.

The Student Protection Processes can be accessed online from the Brisbane Catholic Education public website. A copy of the Student Protection Processes document is available for perusal during school hours from the College library.

It is a requirement of Brisbane Catholic Education that all staff report suspicions of harm or an unacceptable risk of harm to a student caused by abuse and/or neglect to the Principal or other Student Protection Contact.

The following staff members are the nominated Student Protection Contacts.

  • Mr Kevin Schwede – Principal
  • Miss Lisa McCormick - Head of Primary
  • Ms Liesl Profke – Head of Secondary
  • Mr Stephen Chipps - Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing P-6
  • Mrs Adelaide Kibby - Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing 7-12
  • Mrs Rachel Martin – Guidance Counsellor
  • Mrs Janelle Jones – Guidance Counsellor
The process for the reporting of a student protection concern is on this flowchart.tflowcarcern is on this conreporting of a student protection The process for the


A person may make a complaint to Brisbane Catholic Education under the Complaints Procedure for Non-compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education’s Student Protection Processes where the person believes that a Brisbane Catholic Education staff member has not complied with these processes.

The complaint will be dealt with in the manner described in the Complaints Procedure for Non-compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education's Student Protection Processes.



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